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Mini PC Shortage Notification
All models in full stock since 2015-3-20, pls checkout normally, thank you.

Dear all,

After one month vacation, our new producing just begin from this week, right now model FMP02-1037UB and FMP04-1037U are waiting for assemble in our factory, will be ready to make shipment about one week later. 

FMP02-1037UB stock already run out during holiday, and still many orders of this model waiting for shipping, wish you could kindly understand for this delay. FMP04-1037U still has small qty stock in warehouse but cannot continue for one week, new orders may perhaps shipped out around this 20th.

MP01-i33217u CPU runs out, recent orders will ship MP01-i5 instead without extra fee. More details pls contact sales person to learn more, thank you very much.

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