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Testing C1037U Mini Desktop Computer
C1037U mini computers are out hot sale and long time stable computer version, it designed to be fanless and low power consumption, many customers feel not trusted about fanless computer, they think the computer will be very hot when running. Here we test and show you result.

1. When the computer idle Load, power consumption 9.9 watt

2. When watching online video on the mini computer, power consumption 18.9 watt

3. When the computer full Load, power consumption 26.7 watt

When normal web browsing, office work and online chatting, tempreture surround the CPU part alloy case from 36°C to 39°C;
When the CPU load maintained at 60% ~ 60%, tempreture surround the CPU part alloy case from 40°C to 43°C, when touching won’t feel thorny hot;

Testing summary: this fanless mini computer is quiet with no noise, the thick aluminium alloy case is good for heat dissipation, very suitable for using in living room and bedroom at home.
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